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Tonight, Sister Anne was the last to leave, staying behind to study the next day’s menu. Again, the odd feeling drew her back through the years to the time when everything changed. It had been happening more and more over the past weeks, as if something was closing in on her.

Was God telling her something?

As Sister Annee locked up, she stopped at the door and considered the line of prayer from St. Francis posted there:

“It is in dying that we are born into eternal life.”

-From the opening of A Perfect Grave by Rick Mofina

  1. What do you love about being a writer?
    Meeting readers. They give life to my books.

  2. What is your biggest challenge as a writer?
    Not writing fast enough.

  3. If you were not a writer, what other profession would you want to pursue?
    To be a member of The E-Street Band, or back up singer for Meatloaf.

  4. In your opinion, what is the most influential crime novel of the last 100 years?
    Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

  5. Which fictional hero do you admire or despise the most?
    I admire Lieutenant Kinderman from The Exorcist and Legion, for he is in pursuit of the greatest criminal of all.

  6. After writing, how do you spend the rest of your time?
    Interacting with real people.

  7. What city or location has the most impact on your writing?
    Covering true crime in Calgary and the Rockies helped forge my fiction.

  8. Do your books have a message?
    Redemption is within our grasp.

  9. What are you currently reading?
    The Last Tycoon by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  10. If you could meet any person (living or dead), who would that be?
    Joseph Conrad.

  11. What is your greatest vice?
    Junk food.

  12. What is your greatest extravagance?
    Too much whipped cream on desserts.

  13. What is your idea of misery?
    Not enough whipped cream on desserts.

  14. What is your idea of happiness?

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