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Cross Bones is the latest thriller from world class forensic anthropologist and New York Times best selling author Kathy Reichs, featuring her alter ego Doctor Temperance Brennan. Conflicting accounts arise concerning the death of an orthodox Jew in a Montreal warehouse. Was it murder or suicide? While reconstructing the facts, her investigation takes a puzzling turn when a mysterious photograph leads Brennan to Israel and to a potentially explosive biblical controversy. Will Brennan uncover a startling revelation that will change history or will she expose an elaborate hoax?

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Scot Morison
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I thought this was an entertaining book. Kathy Reichs does a good job of giving you rapid-fire bite-sized chapters with nice little cliffhanger endings that keep you reading. It's tough to put down. It did become tedious when she got bogged down with too many bones and teeth at a certain point, but for most of the time I found it to be an entertaining romp.

I can buy the premise of this book. I spent a year in the Middle East and knowing that a lot of generations of different peoples have lived there, it's quite believable that there could be undiscovered bones found there. However, I did think that this book plays to the fear-mongering of our times - the notion that discovering Jesus' bones could be a useful tool for the Islamic Jihad was a bit silly.

By far the best writing in this book is when Reichs is in her element, writing about forensic analysis and the reconstruction of bones. It rings true in ways that very little else in the book does. She's a better writer than Dan Brown - Cross Bones is definitely better written than The DaVinci Code. It's not a bad read, but a disappointing ending.

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