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Issue 10, November 17, 2005
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Writer Rap Sheet/Case Book: Howard Engel
Crime Author Howard Engel

Like his detective Benny Cooperman, crime author Howard Engel has alexia sine agraphia – he is unable to read, but still able to write. “Benny Cooperman got hit on the head, I had a stroke. So there’s a basic difference between what happened to me and what happened to Benny, but I wouldn’t have been able to put him in that hospital bed if I hadn’t been there before him.”

“One of the things that I was trying to do in Memory Book was show what it’s like from this side of the experience," says Engel. "Professionals could tell me the sorts of things I’d run in to, but everything changed, from my field of vision to the way my memory worked. These were all new things that I wanted to get down on paper. Benny is forgetful, he can remember six causes for the Persian Wars but he can’t remember the name of the person he’s talking to – these are things that happened to me, so they happened to Benny.”

Engel is working on his twelfth book, as Benny Cooperman heads off to the Andaman Sea. “Benny’s alexia won’t impair him too much in Southeast Asia, because he doesn’t read the language anyway. I don’t expect that I will get to go there to check my facts, but there are a lot of guide books and my son has lived there for some time, so he’s been a major source of help.”

“In writing a long-running series, you’re challenged to keep throwing new things at your detective, just to keep yourself alert and your creative juices flowing. So probably two or three books from now I’ll have him on Mars or something," laughs Engel, "but practically speaking, it’s fun to watch the character develop. Benny is a comfortable person to be with. He’s good company and I try to keep him that way.”
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"I wonder now when I think of Arthur Conan Doyle pushing Sherlock Holmes off a cliff to get rid of him because he’d become such a weight to carry. Everybody wanted to know what was Sherlock Holmes going to get into next, and that got in the way of what Doyle thought was his real work. Benny is my real work, and I find him a comfortable companion. We help each other along.”

--Author Howard Engel

Booked Television: November 19-30
Graphic: BOOKED investigates Howard Engel's Memory Book

Memory Book by Howard Engel ISBN: 0143016652

Bashed on the head and left for dead in a dumpster, Benny Cooperman isn’t the only one in a conundrum. BOOKED experts piece together this mysterious case and meet Benny’s true life alter ego, author Howard Engel.

In this episode, our host Fred Yackman is joined by:

Graphic: Booked Experts
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Look for the next Alibi – we’ll introduce you to writer James O. Born, and talk to Explosives Technician Grant Jongejan about bombs.

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