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Investigating fiction
Access's Booked combines a love of crime novels with real forensic work

Journal Culture Staff

Edmonton Journal - January 25, 2007

A backpacker is found stabbed to death in Nepal, and nervous police rule it suicide, but Paul knows differently. A serial killer is stalking the international backpacking community.

The scenario forms the premise for author Jon Evans’s first murder-mystery, Dark Places. But is the book realistic?

The locally produced TV series Booked draws on experts to dissect crime novels. The13-part series aired on BookTV and CourtTV in 2006 and is currently airing weekly on Bravo.

Next Thursday at 6 p.m., a hacker, an intelligence officer and a Crown prosecutor discuss Dark Places.

“We’re all voyeurs and we’re always interested in the bad things that happen in life,” said show host Fred Yackman, a self-confessed murder-mystery addict.

“Also, all people love mysteries. There’s a reason it’s called a whodunit.”