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Crime Experts get "BOOKED" in the latest production by Reel Girls Media


Jennifer Snyder
Producer, Reel Girls Media Inc.
Tel: 780.488.0440

Pam Hnytka
Publicist, ACCESS
Tel: 780.440.8871 

Edmonton, AB - September 19, 2005 - Crime Professionals dissect fictional crimes on BOOKED - a new television book club broadcasting this fall on ACCESS, BookTelevision, Canadian Learning Television, and CourtTV Canada. On BOOKED true crime professionals read hot new crime fiction novels and with their trained and experienced eyes, debate just how accurately the crime and forensic related aspects were depicted. BOOKED experts don't always agree and discussions are heated, humorous, and entertaining.

"The thing I thought was funny about these criminals was, and it has to do with one of the murder weapons because it was a small caliber gun, I thought small gun, small crime. You know big criminals, big gun - right?... You want to send a message - don't mess with us."

- Federal Intelligence Officer Roger Adkin on Peter Robinson's Strange Affair.

Join host and self-confessed murder mystery addict Fred Yackman as he leads a team of crime experts through an in-depth dissection of a novel and its crime in each episode. BOOKED also ventures into the field with working forensic experts to get a deeper look into the intriguing world of crime investigation.

"DNA has received a lot of media attention and I think rightfully so. It has a fantastic power of discrimination so when you've run a genotype and you compare it back to someone, the random match probability of that particular profile is usually in the billions or trillions to one. Very strong evidence - much stronger than eyewitness testimony."

- Forensic DNA Expert Rick Jobin on Michael Connelly's The Closers.

Watch BOOKED on: 

  • ACCESS on Saturdays starting September 17th at 8:00pm EST
  • BookTelevision on Tuesdays startingSeptember 20that 12:30pm, 8:30pm & 4:00am EST
  • CLT on Fridays starting September 23rd at 9:00pm & 1:00am EST
  • CourtTV Canada on Wednesdays starting September 28th at 7:00am, 6:00pm & 11:00pm EST

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BOOKED is produced by Ava Karvonen and Jennifer Snyder for REEL GIRLS MEDIA with the financial participation of ACCESS; BookTelevision; CourtTV Canada; Canadian Learning Television; Bravo!; Alberta Film Development Program of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts; Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit Program; Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund; CanWest Western Independent Producers Fund and Rogers Telefund.

REEL GIRLS MEDIA creates international award-winning dramatic and factual television and new media content that examines the arts, sciences, and the human relationship with the world.  The company’s projects include animation, children’s and youth, science, lifestyle, drama and arts & culture and have been recognized internationally with 30 awards and more than 60 festival screenings. For more information please go to