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Rick Mofina

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A Perfect Grave (2007)
Every Fear (2006)
Dying Hour (2005)
Be Mine (2004)

No Way Back (2003)
Blood of Others (2002)
Cold Fear (2001)
If Angels Fall (2000)

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A Perfect Grave

A Perfect Grave is the third installment in Rick Mofina's internationally acclaimed new series featuring rookie crime reporter Jason Wade of The Seattle Mirror. The gritty Wade series debuted with The Dying Hour, which the International Thriller Writers named a finalist for a 2006 Thriller Award. It was followed by Every Fear. In A Perfect Grave, Wade, a troubled loner from the wrong side of the tracks, pursues the story of a murdered Seatle nun. The case leads him to a hermit nun who founded a mysterious religious order; and ultimately to the dark secret that has tormented his ex-cop father for decades. It culminates in a life and death struggle against the clock. With time running out, Jason and his father battle the odds to confront a terrible truth. Catch this heart-pounding thrill ride of a series and discover why Mofina, a former reporter and two-time winner of the Arthur Ellis Award, counts James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Michael Connelly, David Morrell, Sandra Brown and Kay Hooper among those who have praised his books.

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Every Fear

On an ordinary morning, Maria Colson takes her baby son Dylan to the corner store. She only turns her back for a few seconds. When she looks again, she sees his empty stroller, at the same time he is being abducted into a waiting van. Maria climbs onto the van, but is violently thrown to the road where she is left for dead as the van vanishes without a trace.

As Maria fights for her life and her anguished young husband keeps a beside vigil, The FBI and police across metro Sea-Tac and Washington State, search for Dylan.

Across the city, Seattle Mirror reporter Jason Wade is under a lot of pressure to bring in a big story, and the Colson kidnapping could be it. It's certainly a bizarre case with pieces that just don't add up: The Colsons are a hard-working couple. Former high school sweethearts. No problems. No enemies.

Then Jason and his dad, a private detective haunted by his former life as a cop, discover a grisly murder of a young woman that is somehow connected to the Colsons.

Now, in a dark Seattle underground of desperate dreamers and ex-convicts, Jason, embarks an investigation that parallels one led by Homicide Detective Grace Garner.

They're both hunting for the one piece of the puzzle that connects the baby's disappearance with a spine-tingling case of revenge. And time is running out, because whoever took little Dylan Colson is more dangerous than anyone could ever imagine.

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Dying Hour

After a fight with her boyfriend, Seattle college student Karen Harding drives out of the city and into a wild storm. All Karen wants is to get to her sister's place in Vancouver. When her car breaks down, she finds herself stranded in the night on a desolate stretch of highway in a remote corner of Washington State. Karen believes someone has been watching over her and is relieved when a kind stranger stops to help. But he's not the answer to her prayers -- he's the beginning of her nightmare.

Jason Wade is a rookie reporter at The Seattle Mirror, where he's struggling to keep his demons behind him and achieve his lifelong dream: landing a full-time staff job at the Mirror. The discovery of Karen Harding's abandoned car draws Wade into a case unlike any other that has haunted the Pacific Northwest. Overwhelmed by cut-throat competition and disastrous personal circumstances that push him to the edge, Wade battles all odds to pursue the truth behind Harding's disappearance, never knowing the monstrous price he'll pay for it.

Best Paperback Original FINALIST International Thriller Awards

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Be Mine

During his years as a crime reporter in San Francisco, Tom Reed had seen a lot of sick messages, but the one just delivered to his fellow reporter Molly Wilson is different -- it's shockingly personal, written in human blood. SFPD Homicide Inspector, Walt Sydowski, has grappled with horrific cases but the one confronting him now is unlike anything he's ever faced -- the murder of a fellow detective. As Sydowski works on his most challenging case Tom races to save his career, and Molly.

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No Way Back

San Francisco crime reporter Tom Reed is burned out. On the day he decides to finally quit the news business, a sensational story breaks. A heart-stopping robbery-homicide at a jewelry store. The suspects have shot and killed a police officer before fleeing with a female hostage. Reed rushes to the scene, his passion resurrected for one last big story.

Arriving at the chaos, Reed is stunned to learn from a staff member, still clutching a receipt, that the hostage is his wife, Ann Reed.

Horrified, Reed confronts San Francisco Homicide Inspector Walt Sydowski and other detectives on the case. All know the odds.

Reed is paralyzed with anguish but his son, Zach, refuses to give up hope of finding his mother, despite the grisly trail left by the killers. Now the clock is ticking down as Reed battles his demons and Sydowski in a life and death search for Ann.

"No Way Back is my kind of novel — a tough, taut thriller — Mofina knows the world he writes about." Michael Connelly New York Times bestselling author.

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Blood of Others

The chilling disappearance and ritualistic murder of a lonely San Francisco insurance clerk brings San Francisco Star crime reporter Tom Reed and legendary Homicide Inspector Walt Sydowski together again.

In BLOOD OF OTHERS, Reed and Sydowski take separate tracks in their pursuit of an ellusive, prolific killer. He is a brilliant psychopath, a master at luring solitary, vulnerable women out of their quiet worlds and into his nightmare as he races the clock and travels the globe in his search of the one woman fated to forgive the unforgiveable.

In the course of a widening investigation, Olivia Grant, a gift store manager desperate to escape her painful solitude, meets Ben Wyatt, an outcast San Francisco cop on the case who is gripped with self-doubt over the shooting of his former partner.

BLOOD OF OTHERS is a study of loneliness and human frailties; a story steeped in terrifying suspense that threatens to destroy the lives of those drawn into it as it rockets to a heart-pounding conclusion.

Winner, Best Novel, 2003 Arthur Ellis Award

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Cold Fear

In the remote region of Montana's Glacier National Park known as the Devil's Grasp, 10-year-old Paige Baker of San Francisco disappears while on a camping with her mother and father.

A multi-agency task force launches a massive search as she fights to survive in the wilderness. Time hammers against her and soon the nation is gripped by the life-and-death drama which soon involves Reed and Sydowski.

Secretly, behind the scenes, the FBI grows suspicious of Paige's parents. Their recent history and disturbing evidence links them to a horrible unearthed secret from the past.

Finalist, Best Novel 2002, Arthur Ellis Awards

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If Angels Fall

Tom Reed is a crime reporter with The San Francisco Star, whose superb journalistic skills earned him a Pulitzer nomination.

But years later Reed's life is coming apart. His editor wants him fired. His wife has left him to wrestle with his demons.

Alone, Reed is tormented by the fear he may have caused the suicide of an innocent man suspected of murdering two-year-old Tanita Marie Donner.

Reed's friend on the case, legendary San Francisco Homicide Inspector Walt Sydowski, who has one of California's highest clearance rates. He is also a lonely widower haunted by the fact he cannot solve Tanita's heartbreaking death.

Both men grapple with the past while they race the clock to learn the truth behind a new string of child abductions that has anguished the Bay Area.

Best First Novel Finalist, 2001 Arthur Ellis Award

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