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BOOKED Television episodes are available on DVD! Join BOOKED host Fred Yackman and real Canadian crime professionals as they read hot new crime fiction with their trained and experienced eyes, and debate just how accurately the crime and forensic-related aspects were depicted. Each DVD is $14.99, and can be purchased securely online through PayPal by using the “Add to Cart” buttons.

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BOOKED experts join the fictional team of Detective Carol Jordan and Profiler Tony Hill as they face their toughest case yet - a killer is targeting prostitutes in a series of brutal murders. The murder of prostitutes is a timely and all too familiar story for BOOKED experts.

Episodic experts: Crime Writer, Janice MacDonald; Member of the Law Enforcement Review Board, Kathy Grieve; Police Detective, John McNeilly; Court Counsellor for prostitutes, JoAnn McCartney


Bashed on the head and left for dead in a dumpster, Benny Cooperman isn't the only one in a conundrum. BOOKED experts piece together this mysterious case and meet Benny's true life alter ego, author Howard Engel.

Episodic experts: Author, Howard Engel; Neurologist, Dr. Wendy Johnston; Crime Writer, Janice MacDonald; Police Detective, Jack Stewart

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In a story where human evil flourishes in the cyber world, BOOKED experts examine a deadly internet game in this hunt for a killer stalking backpackers in some of the most remote parts of the globe.

Episodic experts: Intelligence Officer, Roger Adkin; Crown Prosecutor, Technology and Internet Crime, Steve Bilodeau; Journalist and Novelist, Rita Feutl; Hacker and Computer Programmer, "John"


What makes a psychopath? BOOKED experts dissect this question as they deconstruct the unusual story of Dexter Morgan - a serial killer with a conscience who only kills those that "deserve" to die. Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Paul Bergen; Member of the Law Enforcement Review Board, Kathy Grieve; Crime Writer, Janice MacDonald; Police Officer, Constable Curtis Rind; Blood Spatter Analyst, Constable Joe Slemko; Psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Ustina.

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