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In a story where human evil flourishes in the cyber world, BOOKED experts examine a deadly internet game in this hunt for a killer stalking backpackers in some of the most remote parts of the globe.

Episodic experts: Intelligence Officer, Roger Adkin; Crown Prosecutor, Technology and Internet Crime, Steve Bilodeau; Journalist and Novelist, Rita Feutl; Hacker and Computer Programmer, "John"

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Detective Harry Bosch is back on the job and BOOKED experts deconstruct his cold case investigation into the politically charged 17 year old murder of a racially mixed teenager in LA. Experts also reveal how DNA evidence can be used to solve crimes.

Episodic experts: Police Sergeant, Kevin Galvin; Member of the Law Enforcement Review Board, Kathy Grieve; Book Reviewer, Barry Hammond; Forensic DNA Specialist, Richard Jobin PhD

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Join BOOKED experts as they enter the world of the drug trade, biker gangs, ritualistic murder and entomology in Giles Blunt's Blackfly Season.

Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Barry Hammond; Neurologist, Dr. Wendy Johnston; Entomologist, Felix Sperling PhD; Police Detective, Jack Stewart

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BOOKED experts discuss Forensic Odontologist Cat Ferry's investigation of a serial killer and examine how the field of odontology can be used to help solve crimes and identify victims.

Episodic experts: Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Jonathan Alston; Book Reviewer, Paul Bergen; Forensic Odontologist, Dr. Ron Haines; Psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Ustina

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