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Looking for something to watch? BOOKED Interactive webisodes and video podcasts feature interviews with crime fiction writers and real crime scene investigators. Subscribe to the Video Podcast and get BOOKED video podcasts as they are made, or pick and choose which programs you'd like to watch:

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A Conversation with Crime Author Linwood Barclay.

Length: 12 min 18 sec

A Conversation with Crime Author Andrew Pyper.

Length: 9 min 17 sec

What role do anthropologists play in crime? We asked Physical Anthropologist Michael Billinger.

Length: 2 min 35 sec

What do you do in the event of a bomb threat? We asked Explosives Technician Grant Jongejan.

Length: 2 min 22 sec

What are the techniques used to gather and obtain crime scene evidence? We asked Homicide Detective Cathy Oakden.

Length: 3 min 38 sec

Is it possible to remove all blood stain evidence from the scene of a crime? We asked Blood Stain Analyst Joe Slemko.

Length: 1 min 57 sec

How accurately did author Jeff Lindsay portray a psychopath in Darkly Dreaming Dexter? We asked Psychiatrist Dr. Judy Ustina.

Length: 2 min 1 sec

What role does the Internet play in crime? We asked Crown Prosecutor Steven Bilodeau.

Length: 2 min 46 sec

Why do so many women on the street go missing? We asked Court Counsellor for Prostitutes JoAnn McCartney.

Length: 2 min 8 sec

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