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How can the study of entomology assist crime investigators? We asked entomologist Dr. Felix Sperling.

Length: 2 min 36 sec

What role does DNA evidence play in solving crimes? We asked Dr. Richard Jobin.

Length: 2 min 15 sec

How is odontology used to solve crimes? We asked Forensic Odontologist Dr. Ron Haines.

Length: 2 min 25 sec

How close is the private investigator, Benny Cooperman, to the real-life Howard Engel?

Length: 2 min 13 sec

How can interviews provide vital information used to solve crimes?

Length: 3 min 18 sec

Get an insiders look at a working CSI with Blood Stain Analyst Constable Joe Slemko.

Length: 1 min 16 sec

Dr. Richard Jobin describes just how atypical his typical days can be.

Length: 1 min 40 sec

Find out the best and worst thing about investigating murder for a living.

Length: 1 min 33 sec

Grant Jongejan

Learn about the personal side of dismantling bombs.

Length: 1 min 27 sec

Get an inside look at the perils prostitutes face on the streets.

Length: 1 min 19 sec

A Conversation with Crime Author Andrew Pyper.

Length: 9 min 17 sec




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